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if you want my autobiography.. just ask me<3

[Unknown LJ tag]name:Meghan Elizabeth
location:Rochester NY
sex: young lady
intrests: cheerleading| talkin to my girls | working | school | my family | and my girls come first <3 i love them more than anything
favorite bands/singers: Ashlee Simpson | Usher | Kayne West | Terror Squad | Ciara |
3 things you dispise: very quiet people | liars and dishonest people | cheaters |
what are your strongest feelings on abortions? I personally do not agree with them. I feel if you were raped then it is your absolut right to have that abortion but other than that, that baby that is growing inside of you was created because of your doing and you should take responsiblity for your actions. If a baby isnt in your future, there is adoption and it give that baby a wonderful chance at having a life.
how did you find this community? I was lookin at peoples live journal infos and i stumbled upon it in someones user info!
what makes you finnneee? My personality. I am such a bubbly person and I can always make people laugh and I am such a relaible person.
please promote us to 2 places&show the links: &
post atleast 3 pictures:
-- my date and me <3
-- on the left
-- on the right

I hope the pictures worked for you guys! If not heres my picture site and you can browse what I have posted! <3
Thanks for your time.. hope to hear good things <3</lj>
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