_____love_____ (gone_fishinx) wrote in finnneee,

funny/stupid moment..

K,well a while ago,(Superbowl of 'O3) I went to church with some friends,for like some Superbowl party thing,and me,being a blonde, I didn't know there was a Superbowl every year. Sooo,I asked like,really loud,"Is there a Superbowl every year?" And everyone thought I was seriously stupid.

Then theres the New Years Party of 'O4,right? Well,a friend and her sister,and I, were playing hackey sack,near a popmachine,and a couple of chairs. Kay,well,Amber sits down on a chair,which happens to be broken. But then I kick the hackey sack on top of the pop machine,and then Amber tells me,to my FACE that the chair was broken. So like,5 minutes later she gets up and I stand on that same,broken chair to get the hackey sack,and whaddaya know. I go sliding down the popmachine. Not cool.
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